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South-East Direction (Agneya)

Published 6 months ago by admin

The divinity of the Southeast is Agni (fire), which governs the knowledge, judgment and discrimination. The planet that rules for the Southeast is Venus. It represents the water element, which regulates the metabolic fire that transforms our food to Energy and creative force. Thus, ultimately, Venus controls the immunity of the body and the mind clarity. Physically, Venus directly influences a person s energy level. The main bodies governed by Venus are those of the genitourinary systems. It governs beauty, charm and grace, as well as relationships with the opposite sex, romantic life, and the expression of feelings. The beneficial influence of Venus brings good taste and refined personality. Venus predominantly affects the second son of a family.


A house built with a correct vaastu Southeast provides good health for the inhabitants, while the Southeast defective can cause accidental fire, theft, cancer, kidney problems, disorders of the reproductive organs, low energy levels, digestive disorders and related diseases disorders of the immune system. One relationship with loved ones is disturbed because Venus governs one expressive power. Vaastu defects in Southeast cause constant disagreements among family members, who become very critical. For example, a door in the Middle East causes constant bickering and rivalry between family members.


Southeast direction, kitchen, All electrical appliances ,including electric meter , generator , invertors , main switch, generator set, inverter, fire place, furnaces,  places of pleasure and amusement, TV room ,dressing table, beautiful wall paintings and hangings, music room, dance room, wardrobe, public place in a house, room furnished with antiques, showcase, perfumes, clothes and articles of beauty, ornaments, wealth, precious stones, vehicles, white flowers, ghee, curd, good food, granary, beautiful places, pucca beautiful houses, white coloured articles, cosmetics, marble stone.


If there is an extension of plot in the southeast area or the slope is towards this direction (in such case it will have depression), agni will get accumulated here. 

Pitta  of inhabitants will increase resulting in different ailments such as high blood pressure, heart disease, bad stomach or stomach ulcer and eye disease. Money will be wasted on diseases and litigations (eleventh house) and marriage or children (eleventh house), particularly marriage of female children (Venus representing females is the lord of this direction).


The plot or house may have a higher southeast than southwest in which case the bodily fire of the inhabitants will be lacking. 

Same results will occur if southeast area is cut or diminished in any manner. This lessened fire  will cause lethargy, low blood pressure, and impotency and will ultimately lead to dis -interest in an active life. 

Boring in the southeast is never recommended. It is a heavy direction after southwest. Southeast, the direction or fire, is bitter enemy of water.

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