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What Computers can do

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1. Word processing: Replaces type writer as a tool for writing and typing any type of document be it letter, memos, legal documents, reports, article, books and so on.

2. Graphics and desktop publishing: Replaces the pen and r-ACTO knife to simplify creating everything from corporate logos to business graphics, new letters, books, advertising catalogues etc.

3. Database management: Replaces card, file and file cabinet, making it much easier to manage large collections of data and information, such as mailing lists, accounts payable and receivable, invoices, appointments, students’ enrolment, inventories and many more.

4. Spreadsheets: Replaces the calculator and ledger sheet to speed up any type of statistical and mathematics calculations, from financial analysis to scientific data analysis.

5. Communications: Replaces the library card, file and book stocks providing instant access to massive volumes of information stored on computer around the world all from one's own desktop. E-mail through computers has emerged as cheaper and faster means of communication. Internet has brought wealth of information on our fingertips. Multimedia techniques have emerged as important tools of training and communication.

6. Education: Complement class room materials providing activities in geography, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, logic and other subjects.

7. Entertainment: Computers are important means of electronic entertainment. It provides effective way of relaxing with wide variety of computers games, music, songs etc.

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