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Purpose of a Computer

Published 5 months ago by admin

There are several purposes of a computer. Some of the basic tasks are computations, retrieving data, process information, information storage & so much more. A personal computer has data program or language that instructs the computer on how to perform the tasks & its purpose.

Performing Calculations: Computers are widely used to perform computations, mathematical operations, additions, subtraction, multiplication, division & so much more. Computers have an inbuilt calculator. Spreadsheets are the programs used to calculate totals. Microsoft Excel sheet is an example of the spreadsheet

Storing Data: Computers are used to store information created by the user. This data is stored in the memory of the computer. A computer will store any information in its memory that is saved by the user. You, as a computer user, designate where on the computer you want the information to be stored. Depending on your computer's settings, your computer may automatically save information to your computer every 10 or 15 minutes.

Retrieving Data: Any information that has been saved to the computer can be retrieved at a later time. In order to retrieve data, open the program it was created in, go to the File drop-down menu; then, click on the name of the file to access the information.

Processing Data: Every operation or activity done on a computer is done through the processing of data. This all starts with the keyboard. Each time you strike a key on the keyboard, the computer is processing this information. In other words, when I type a "p" on the keyboard, this signals the motherboard (the brain of the computer) that the letter p should be put on the computer screen. Likewise, when I use the arrow drawing tool, this signals the motherboard to draw an arrow on the computer screen.

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