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Vaastu Tips for Plants

Published 6 months ago by admin

Tulsi (Basil) is a sacred plant that every living place must plant as it is not only auspicious but potent plant as well. Make sure you plant tulsi in North, North-east or East direction.


Huge trees must be planted in South or West portion of house. They must be grown somewhere in the house so that they get enough sunlight without blocking it for inmates.


Avoid milky trees within the four walls of the compound, which may leads to unhealthiness to family members. 


Creepers are good to be installed at entrance of house or exteriors. But ensure that they are not raised above compound wall.


Never plant big trees like, banyan or Peepal in Northeast or East of the house.


Fruit bearing Trees like Aam, Jamun, Kela  milk bearing trees like Mahua, Peeple, Vata  and thorn plants like babool, ber, katari etc are prohibited to plant in house. 


Growing of Money plant, Lemon, Lotus, and Jasmine are lucky plants according to Vastu Shastra.


Except money plant any other plants cannot be grown inside the bedroom, otherwise that could attract bad luck.


Bamboo Tree : Small stalks of bamboo popular as “Lucky Bamboo” we can have that separately or in bunch for household or in office use. 


Fruit-bearing trees should be planted to the east of a garden.


A money plant in the house is believed to bring wealth and good luck. 


Some auspicious trees & plants to be planted in house are: Anaar (Pomegranate), Dal chini (cinnamon), Nariyal (coconut), Ashoka, Arishta, Rose, Punnag, Bakul, Chameli, Kesar and Champa.


A dead tree or one with no leaves right in front of the house is not good 


Thorny plants including cactus are prohibited in house exception of Rose plant.


Avoid planting trees in extreme front & centre of your house, as they should not obstruct the entrance.


Small trees are better to be grown in East or North but avoid North-east direction for planting any kind of tree.



The Goddess of fortune will flee away from the resident of a house - even though he is leading a princely life - if the following plants or trees grow in the periphery of such a house.


Agaththi (coronilia grandiflora)


Aal (Banyan)


Puli (Tamarind)


Kal-aal (Ficus Vireus)


Naaval (Jumbo)


Alari (oleander)


Nanthiyavattam (Nerium Corundum)


Murukku (Indian Coral tree)


Erukku (Catotropis gigantean)


Paruthi (Cotton shrub)


Karungali (Ebony)

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