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Vastu Tips for Good Health

Published 6 months ago by admin

Make sure you sleep with your head towards the South for a sound sleep.

The center of the house should always be left empty or with very light furniture. This ensures the free flow of energy without any restriction.

Imbalance of fire element causes sickness in the house. So, to balance it, the best place for a fire element like candle, diya or fireplace, is Southeast or Northwest direction of the house.

Avoid placing mirrors opposite to the bed as mirrors reflecting a sleeping person creates a problem of energy drain, causing sickness.

Make sure that your bathroom energy and kitchen energy does not mix up. If they are opposite to each other, make sure the doors are always closed.

If someone in the house is unwell, keeping a burning candle in the room would help them recover faster.

For good health, keep your face towards North-East or East while drinking water.

Growing citrus fruit plants and keeping them at the entrance of the house invites good health into the house. 

To ensure good health, place Lord Hanuman’s picture facing towards the south of the house as he is the protector of our health.

Light a candle or lamp daily in the northeast direction. It promotes good health.

Constant dripping of taps produces negative energy and signifies deterioration in health. Ensure that the taps in your house do not drip.

Using the space below stairs as a toilet, store, or kitchen can cause nervous sickness and heart diseases.

Face north or east while studying or working. This promotes good memory.

Planting Basil or/and Tulsi purifies the air in the house. Avoid plants like rubber plant, cactus, Bonsai and other milky plants. These might add to your illness and stress.

Do not construct stairs or toilets in the northeastern corner of your house; it causes health-related issues and hampers the growth of children.

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