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Dos and Don’ts for protecting your laptop.

Published 6 months ago by admin

Nowadays, many users buy laptop due to its portability and comfort ability features in using, and they are using it to store their personal data such as photos, official data, videos and other data stuff. In order to retain data for longer time, we need to take care of laptops.

Follow below mentioned Dos and Don’ts for protecting your laptop.

Do set up your user password, Keeping user authentication to access your data is a best practice.

Try to keep the laptop on a flat and clean surface, Placing laptop on congested place and working, there are chances of damages to laptop. Therefore, it is better to place laptop on flat and clean surface that avoids minor damages to laptop and frees from dust.

Keep your laptop in a cool, dry area.

Inserting virus and malware infected peripheral devices to laptop, This makes virus and malware threats to enter into laptop hard disk data easily, Later, these threats spread throughout the hard disk and results in data loss. So, avoid inserting affected devices to laptop and maintain updated strong antivirus.

Set your laptop on a solid, steady surface for proper air circulation.

Position your power cord out of the way so it is not easily tripped over.

Place your laptop in a secure location when it is not in use.

While putting the laptop inside the bag make sure the the laptops is switched off else it may get damaged due to heat recirculation.

Clean the laptop using a plain cloth using drops of water in switched off condition.

Avoid placing materials on laptop, Things such as large sized books, metals etc keeping on laptop will push LCD screen into the keyboard and meanwhile damage it.

Do not use your laptop on the bed, Frequently using laptop on bed will cause its fan to observe dust and waste which lies on the bed. Finally, it leads to fan blocking and results in generation of more heat in laptop.

Don’t leave your laptop in direct sunlight or in dusty area.

Don’t place your laptop near other equipment that emits heat/magnetic effect.

Don’t eat or drink near the laptop.

Don't keep your laptop with cables plugged in when you are away, some body may trip the cable and laptop may get damaged..

Rest your laptop on uneven, unsteady or yielding surfaces.

Before shutting down your laptop, make sure that there are no things such as pencil, sticks, pen etc lies on keyboard. These can break the display screen when shut and screen will get scratches if items are hard. Hence, avoid keeping things on keyboard.

Do not expose your laptop to rapid temperature changes , always use laptop in room temperatures that avoids generation of more heat and no potential damages happens. Moreover, avoid using laptop in the sunlight as well.

Working on a Laptop

Find a posture in which you can keep your wrists straight (neutral, in line with your forearms), your shoulders relaxed and your back supported so you feel comfortable.

Align the laptop centrally with your body - don’t twist round to use it.

Take frequent breaks from working on the laptop, get up, stretch and walk around, at least once an hour and more frequently if possible.

Change your posture often, whenever it becomes even slightly uncomfortable; don’t stay in one position for more than 15 minutes or so.

Rest your eyes frequently by looking at something far away or by closing them, for a minute or two.

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