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North-West (Vayavya) Direction

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Both the divinity and the planet Northwest vaayu (air) and Moon rule the mind, emotions and moods. The Moon influences aspects of interpersonal relationships such as intimacy, friendship, and attachment. Contentment in life and the ability to withstand tension and stress are also governed by the Moon.

These positive qualities are enhanced when the Moon is strong in the natal chart one vaastu the Northwest is not defective. On the negative side, one defective vaastu causes emotional instability, moodiness, depression, negativity, lethargy and apathy.


Physically the moon governs body fluids and is therefore related anemia, edema, dehydration, dryness of skin, and constipation. It also governs the lungs and kidneys. Asthma, bronchitis, phlegm accumulation, and obesity are common to inhabitants when the Northwest of a dwelling is defective.


Vayu is the ruler of northwest (Vayavya). He exists in the form of air, wind and stroms. Everything bows its haed before him. Vayu, sitting on a deer, is a light skinned powerful man. He has a javelin and flag in his hands. His strength is immense in destruction as well as purification. He – like agni – connects us with the heavenly gods. Vayu has always been considered as the fast friend of Agni whom he strengthens and helps in spreading. Vayu is Prajapati and frees us from the clutches of this mortal world ( Mrityuloka ).


Some of the most recommended activities in the northwest are guestroom, servant’s room, granary .


bedroom of newly married couples, unmarried girls of marriageable age, vehicles, livestock, sports room,  or an entertainment room. 


The guests here won’t overstay their welcome.  Air has great energy and will keep the servants staying here constantly energetic.  They will feel happy in your service.


Person trying to go abroad or out of their native place should occupy this direction. 


Girls of marriageable age, if allowed to stay in the northwest corner, will soon get married . 


There is one strange looking recommendation of Kopa Bhavan or ‘place for weeping’ in between west and the northwest. This area is the best place to get relieve of day’s tensions, woes and anger.


This direction matches with horoscope’s sixth house of miseries, accidents, litigation and enmity, even one of these will make us weep.


A psychiatrist will get better results if his consultation chamber is located in the northwest sector.  After a short while, the patient is relieved of his tensions and feels light like air.


The place in Northwest is very unstable since it is powered by wind element. This direction creates opportunities in the life. If it is powerful and complementary the vaastu principles it can take ones career to big heights. Wrong usage of Northwest gives instability, confusion in the mind & lots of diseases. It can also create restlessness in the inmates.

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